Monday, 15 September 2014

Topic of the day.

According to DAGBLADET this is the main news today.

The kings daughter is out doing business and having an event with Lisa Williams who will try to put the audience in touch with their beloved dead.

Sometimes, I think it can be hard enough communicating with the living.

Here is the article:


William Kendall said...

From the looks of it, that's definitely the tabloid paper of the day. We've got a chain of them here that the story goes, the readers move their lips when they're reading, and the headlines are never more than two syllable words.

Michelle said...

You are right!

Halcyon said...

What a strange article! Definitely better to focus on the living.

biebkriebels said...

Oh boy, can imagine it does a stir in your country. We had the same long ago with a sister of our former queen Beatrix, Irene, who talked with trees.