Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Out for a walk this afternoon with a friend who lives near to this building.
It has become a church.
Faith Baptist Church, and when we passed it, they had a notice board with info. in English, and showing that there were things happening several evenings during the week.
PS. Take a look at todays color of the sky:)


James Mark said...

That's cruel! It's pretty grey over here this week - but a lovely photo to cheer us up.

Jacob said...

Good grief, this could be any one of thousands of little Baptist churches in Florida! I think they're spreading all over the world. Yikes!

'Tis a nice bleu sky!

Kate said...

Asimple and simply beautiful structure.

VP said...

This is quite different from the baroque churches indigestion I had recently. I like the simplicity of the building... and great blue sky!

Halcyon said...

Cute little building. The Baptists do not believe in the pomp of the Catholic church. I think it was one of their main separating points.