Sunday, 14 January 2018

No PIGS in Stavanger???

Stavanger has more rain than snow.

Still we have a few days every year when it is chaos with ice, snow and lots of slippery roads.
We have a couple of choices of what type of winter wheels we should use on our cars.
If you are driving in to Stavanger or just through the city, heading north or south, and you have studded tyres,  you have to pay for a day pass or an annual fee to cover the new rules that forbid the use of "studded tyres" (or "piggdekk" as we call them) in Stavanger.

PIGG is STUD in English, and NOT A PIG.

Looking at the sign, it looks like we don't allow PIGS in Stavanger

Sounds funny, not only for foreigners, but also for us living here.
It looks like for the web address, someone has freely translated pigg-fri (stud free) into pig-free?


William Kendall said...

The rule makes sense, but if you don't know the language, that's the first thing you'd think of.

Kate said...

...when pigs fly??

Babzy.B said...

Funny 😊