Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Between 1946 and 1979 we had a factory STAVANGER FLINT here in Stavanger, that produced items that were very popular in Norway and Scandinavia, but also exported to 28 countries. Today people all over the world who are collectors can be lucky to find these items via internet.

This is a design by Jonas Hinna, who lived and worked in Stavanger most of his life.
(He also worked as a decor painter in the USA for 5 years)

This is part of a collection, named "Norske Bunader", that means Norwegian National Costumes, and this represents the area Telemark.
On the other side it is decorated with mountains and skiers, also well known for the place and ski technique named Telemark.

The stave church "Heddal" is famous.
Some of you might have been there ?


Kate said...

Wouldn't I love to own that! I have not been to that church, but a small island in Door County, Wi has one like it, and I have posted a photo of it in the past on my blog. If I can readily find it, I'll send you a photo. Interestingly, there is a vacation spot in northern Minnesota has a vacation resort names, Telemark. I should write offline to you since we are considering taking a cruise in northern Europe next year. You'd probably have some tips?

Cloudia said...

Thank you for educating us

William Kendall said...

It has quite an old fashioned feel to it.

Michelle said...

I like the mug and its artwork.