Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Fishing along the fjord near Østre Bydel.

We have had a beautiful day! Cold, sunny and not a drop of rain.


Lowell said...

I haven't done any fishing in many years, but I do remember when we fished in very cold weather. I couldn't and wouldn't do that now, though. This is a beautiful place to toss a line, though.

bill burke said...

Very beautiful fishing area and I love that fog. I wonder how many of them caught some fish.

Suza said...

very beautiful

William Kendall said...

Quite a good spot to spend time in.

orvokki said...

There I could just be, and no fishing at all. The scenery is so beautiful.
We also have (have had) a lot of fisherman on the piers.

christiene said...

Ha Gun,
Een prachtige foto van uit Norway, met de vissers op de voorgrond
mooi vis weer!
mijn zoon zijn grootste hobby is vissen!!!
bedankt voor je bezoekje.
groetjes uit Nederland.

Ha Gun,
A wonderful photo from Norway, with fishermen in the foreground
nice fish again!
My son, his biggest hobby is fishing !!!
Thanks for your visit.
greetings from the Netherlands.

Arianna said...

Gorgeous shot! Arianna

Karl said...

Awesome scene, Gunn!