Friday, 24 June 2016


I met an Englishman on the beach.
George from Norwich.

No, I did not ask him any political questions.
His thoughts about the EU etc.

I asked him what brought him to Norway.
"A girl" he said quickly

"My wife" he continued.

Yes, I thought.
LOVE that is what it is.

They met in Australia.

Life is full of surprises!


Lowell said...

It's always a girl, or in some cases a boy. Maybe he was from Norway all the time but got confused and thought he was from Norwich?

William Kendall said...

They're both well traveled!

Taken For Granted said...

Can not think of a better reason to travel. Fine portrait.

Sharon Anck said...

No wonder George is smiling! And, what a handsome smile it is, too!

Kate said...

Life is full of surprises and if one is lucky, love, too!!

Jack said...

George has a fine smile. A girl is a very satisfactory answer.