Friday, 26 February 2016

SANDER, the judo player.


He is a 17 year old sportsman from Sandnes, who is playing JUDO for the Norwegian Judo Federation.

Tomorrow he will be representing Norway at the ESTONIAN OPEN at TARTU.

It was very nice meeting you Sander!
I hope you do well, and also have a really good time and perhaps find new friends at the tournament this weekend.

I had to smile when you said that you played football for some years, but when you finished your career as a football player, you were as good as when you started!  It showed your good sense of humour!

Best of luck, Sander!


William Kendall said...

Good luck, Sander!

bill said...

Good luck to you, Sander. Enjoy the competition!

Kate said...

Great smile,and I, too, hope he does well in competitions.

cieldequimper said...

Best of luck Sander!