Friday, 29 January 2016

We might struggle just to stand up or walk outside today.

Well, this is a sign that the road is only for people walking, no cars.

This afternoon, evening and night, and perhaps the whole weekend, there will be stronger winds than a storm, so it is probably best to stay inside if you live in the area on the west coast of Norway.

It might be very difficult to just stand up or walk outside.

Take a look here:

I am working this weekend, and wonder what will it be like to be outside in my little Fiat 500C. ??!!


William Kendall said...

From the sounds of it, be careful!

Mark said...

Wow! Looks like it would be a challenge outside even in a Hummer. Yes, be careful out there.

Valerie said...

I remember falling on my bottom on a slippery footpath in Norway and that was in good weather! Stay safe :)

Arianna said...

Be careful! Arianna