Friday, 3 July 2015


ULLRIGG, a drilling and well centre, is based at Ullandhaug.
They have advanced test facilities. 
And it is also part of the International Research Institute of Stavanger.

It is easy to spot when driving on the motorway near the tunnel on your way to the centre of town.

Stavanger is named the oil capital.

Today there are many people in the oil industry who have been made redundant over the last few months.
So that has had an effect both on house prices and the number of cars on the roads.
Many people who had well paid jobs, are now going for jobs that pay less, but are safer, such as jobs in the state or the council.
Lots of offices are empty, and available for renting at much cheaper prices.


William Kendall said...

Oil prices seem to be having the same effect here.

Revrunner said...

Unfortunately the same is true here, too.

VP said...

It's the same everywhere, but I didn't imagine this up there, in the European oil capital...