Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Urban flats.

Small urban flats in the city centre.
Buying and selling is a big business, and some students who are going to study for years, can earn quite a lot of money out of it, instead of renting.


RedPat said...

Good idea!

martinealison said...

Comme il doit être difficile de vivre dans de tels appartements... je réalise ma chance de vivre à la campagne.
Une belle photo cependant.
Gros bisous

William Kendall said...

The architectural style looks quite unlike what I'm used to.

Mo said...

The same happens here.

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

Gunn, thank you so much for stopping by! Norway is so deep in my heart, I have been there twice and dream to travel again. Looks like I was the viking in one of previous lives..
Sorry for my disappearance. I've almost quit blogging, allow myself only 2 hours a day for internet browsing, so friends are not forgotten but seldom seen(.
All the best to you!

Leovi said...

A creative framing, nice composition!

Alain said...

Big Brother see you.