Friday, 17 May 2013

I am abroad, so this time you have to see images from our Constitution Day via this link:

If you click on "vis flere bilder" (Show more pictures) under the images, that means you will see even more images sent in by  readers of our biggest local newspaper.

Todays image is of a van that has been parked for weeks.
No registration number, and it is covered with egg, ketchup, floral and "God knows what!"

I have told you about the RUSS, who are celebrating 13 years at school.
Luckily all of them are not as mad as this!!!

Soon they will have to sit their exams.
I hope they will be fit for it, and do well!




The images in the link are excellent (so much fun!) as is this incredible red van. I think the RUSS are also enjoying their bit of freedom:) Happy Weekend too!

Lowell said...

One cannot help by wonder why the car was left sitting alone. I guess such a vehicle becomes an invitation to vandalism.

Did click the link - lovely photos of the celebration; so much color!

Nice to hear from you again!